In the name of God
-The Barbara brand of cosmetic and hygienic products has been registered by ‘Aria Chimi Zolal’ group of production and commercial companies in the year 1396 -At the beginning, this group based its activities on a comprehensive programme of research and development, for the purpose of producing, knowledge-based specific cosmetic products with the help of young but highly educated Iranian scientists in the fields of skin and hair care
products, as well as chemistry and pharmacology -The big achievement of this group, following days of research work and collaboration with other research and scientific institutions, headed by Dr. Fatemeh Hasanli who as a highly motivated research scientist, is also the managing director of this group of companies. is the unique and specialized formulations for skin and hair care products under the brand of Barbara
-In accordance with the long term objectives of this group which are production of special products in the field of cosmetics, specially skin and hair care products, best raw materials are
used and all national and international standards are observed to make sure products are effective and a wide range of internationally known suppliers are amongst the raw materials suppliers, also the best equipment and machineries are employed to produce all products under
the brand of Barbara
-The almost obsessive commitment and scientific look and approach by the founders of this
group of companies, at the task of production of products under Barbara brand, has made it
possible that in a short period of time since its birth, people of Iran as well as the neighboring
countries have welcome its presence in the market and stores’ shelves, and for this reason this
Brand has already taken a considerable share of the market and this achievement could only be
made, due to the trust and kind considerations of people of this country for Iranian young
scientists, as well as research workers as well as the love for Iranian products and goods
We, in the Barbara family, appreciate this care and approach and simply, are proud of it